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is_toddals_hot's Journal
20 most recent entries

Date:2007-05-02 10:58


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Name Acronym Generator
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Name / Username:

Name Acronym Generator
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Date:2007-05-01 10:27

This post is to apologise to my most beautiful girlfriend. She did so much for me without even realising and i did some very bad things. Em i want you to know that i love you. I always will. You hurt me the other night, i am not like that, but i want to forgive and forget if you can just put up with my stupidity for a bit more. I understand what you are going through but i want you to learn that im not with you just for the sex, im with you because i love you, i love your personality just as much as i love your body.

I fixed my lj for you Em, no more of that vulgar stuff. All i need is you.

Please come away with me. You will love it i promise.

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Date:2007-04-20 11:20

Todd, your subconscious mind is most preoccupied with issues around your love life

On a conscious level, you might already be aware that something is troubling you, or eating up a lot of time when it comes to your love life. But it's also possible that thoughts and feelings about your romantic life have been preoccupying your subconscious mind — leaving you with nothing more than a general sense that things just don't feel 100% right in your life though you can't quite figure out why.

You may feel your love life is unfulfilling and needs a jumpstart. You might be going through a lot of changes in your love life that you find emotionally draining. You might simply spend a lot of time thinking about romantic relationships. Or maybe you're so frustrated with your situation that you avoid the topic all together.

Whichever feelings hold true, your test results indicate that right now, your subconscious mind is working overtime to resolve the issues confronting you in this area of your life — even if you don't feel aware of it.

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Date:2007-01-28 19:48
Subject:How to turn me on!

Todd, a Romantic Gesture turns you on

Hey there, sweet thing! In affairs of the heart, your pulse pounds at the tender and enchanting moments. While you may not have it all mapped out just yet, the fairytale ending is what you're after and romantic gestures are a sure way to give you butterflies.

It might be sweet notes, a bubble bath for two, a surprise getaway to your favorite B&B, or even just an extra spin around the block listening to your favorite love song. Whatever it is, romantic moments (and the thoughts behind them) turn you on. Sure, brains are important, a sense of humor is attractive, and you never said there was anything wrong with sexy underthings, but it's how your partner expresses their feelings for you that really lights your fire. How romantic!

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Date:2006-11-26 05:04
Subject:Troubleshooting for Xmas Parties

I came upon this through one of my many connections. It may prove especially helpful to some people I know.

Symptom: Feet are cold and wet.
Fault: Glass being held at incorrect angle.
Action: Rotate glass so that the open part points towards ceiling.

Symptom: Feet are warm and wet.
Fault: Improper bladder control.
Action: Stand next to nearest dog and complain about poor house training.

Symptom: Drink is unusually pale and tasteless.
Fault: Glass empty.
Action: Get someone to buy you another drink.

Symptom: Opposite wall covered with fluorescent lights.
Fault: You have fallen over backwards.
Action: Have yourself leashed to the bar.

Symptom: Mouth contains cigarette butts.
Fault: You have fallen over forward.
Action: See above.

Symptom: Alcohol tasteless, front of your shirt is wet.
Fault: Mouth not open, or glass applied to wrong part of face.
Action: Retire to restroom, practice in front of mirror.

Symptom: Floor blurred.
Fault: You are looking through the bottom of empty glass.
Action: Get someone to buy you a new drink.

Symptom: Floor moving.
Fault: You are being carried out.
Action: Find out if you are going to the next bar.

Symptom: Room seems unusually empty.
Fault: Bar has closed.
Action: Confirm home address with bar tender.

Symptom: Taxi suddenly takes on colourful aspect and textures.
Fault: Alcohol has exceeded personal limitations.
Action: Cover mouth.

Symptom: Everyone looks up to you and smiles.
Fault: You are dancing on a table.
Action: Fall on someone cushy looking.

Symptom: Drink is crystal clear.
Fault: It's water, someone is trying to sober you up.
Action: Punch him.

Symptom: Hands hurt, nose hurts, mind unusually clear.
Fault: You have been in a fight.
Action: Apologise to everyone you see, just in case it was them.

Symptom: Dont recognise anyone, dont recognise the room you're in.
Fault: You've wandered into the wrong party.
Action: See if they have free alcohol.

Symptom: Your singing sounds distorted.
Fault: The drink is too weak.
Action: Have more alcohol until your vice improves.

Symptom: Dont remember the words to the song.
Fault: Drink is just right.
Action: Play air guitar.

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Date:2006-11-16 10:57

I'm sorry baby

I'll make it up to you

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Date:2006-10-24 03:09
Subject:For my baby

Free Hearts

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Date:2006-09-16 10:48

Your Love Style is Eros

For you, love is all about the passion!
And chances are, you're currently in love.
You have a strong physical response to love...
And you are great at committing
(As long as the person makes your toes curl!)

Your Penis Name Is...

Prince Charming

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Date:2006-08-13 14:50


Great Kisser. Very high sex appeal.
BY FAR the BEST in BED. Most horny.

Caring. Smart. Center of attention. Too Sexy, DAMN IT.
Very high sex appeal. Has the last word. Extremely weird but in a good way. Super good in bed.

Very gentle. Nice. Love is one of a kind. Silly and fun!
Have own unique sexiness. Most caring person you will ever meet!
GREAT in Bed.

Sassy. Intelligent. Sexy. Predict future.
Irrestible, awesome kisser. Great talker.

Trustworthy. Sexy. Rare to find. Loves being
in long relationships. Extremly energetic.
Amazing in bed, the BEST lovers.

Outgoing. Spontanious. Not one to fuck with.
Have own unique sexiness. Unpredictable. Erotic.
Funny. Addictive. Take you on trips to the moon in bed.

Aggressive. freak in bed. rare to find. loves being in long relationships. Likes to give a good fight for what they want.
Extremly outgoing. Outstanding kisser.

Great talker. Sexy. Always Horny.
Laid back. Knows how to have fun.
Is really good at fucking. Great kisser.
Always gets what he or she wants.

Dominant in relationships.Sexy.Always Horny.Freak in bed.
Always wants the last word. Loud.
Caring. Smart. Loves being in long relationships.
Addictive. Attractive.

EXTREMELY sexy. Talkative.
Energetic. Predict future.
Most erotic.Freak in bed.G REAT kisser.
not one to mess with. always get what they want.

Spontanious. Horny.High sex appeal.
Rare to find. Good when found.
Loves being in long relationships.

Nice. Love is one of a kind. Great listeners
Very Good in bed. Lover not a Fighter But
Still Punch Your Lights Out .Trustworth

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Date:2006-08-03 20:41

The Leather Thong
Your result? 44% practical. 76% sexy. 74% confident.
We've thrown you through the OkCupid washing machine and hung your results out to dry. What's your result?

Impulsive. Kinky. Confident. Dry-clean only. Your signature underwear is THE LEATHER THONG.
A fetishist piece of underwear if there ever was one. I was originally going to make this category about chain-link underwear, but Courtney Love never photgraphs well.

You've come out of the test registering as someone with both a high sex drive, and a high level of confidence. You're both more extroverted, and more interested in sex than the average person. You're also a little more on the emotional side than the rational one, and when we measure that in terms of rationality, the leather thong/g-string can be seen as PLENTY irrational. At the very least, they chafe like you wouldn't believe. Or maybe you would. And that's cool. In my opinion, this is possibly the best category to score in - you're keen, self-assured and able to think outside the box. So just keep doing that thing you do!

Check out all of the possible results here, there are 12 for males and 12 for females in total, including your result...

The Flannel Pyjamas
The Satin Boxers
The Denim Cutoffs
The Speedo
The Modern Corset
The Leather Thong
The Thermals
The Sports Brief
The Classic Brief
The Boxer Brief
The Leopard Thong

The Flannel Pyjamas
The T-Shirt
The Vintage Nightie
The Bustier
The Vintage Corset
The Leather Thong
The High Rise Brief
The Sports Bra
The Classic Bra
The Boyleg Brief
The Classic Thong

And, last of all, don't forget to check out my Celebrity Misbehaviour Test so you can answer to age-old question of what sort of celebrity YOU would be.
Not your style? Perhaps you'd rather try the Scatterbrain Test (the title pretty much explains that one).
Otherwise, give my Homicidal Maniac Test a go. It's hilarious.

My test tracked 4 variables How you compared to other people your age and gender:

free online dating free online dating
You scored higher than 99% on practicality

free online dating free online dating
You scored higher than 99% on sexiness

free online dating free online dating
You scored higher than 99% on confidence

free online dating free online dating
You scored higher than 99% on gender
Link: The Underwear Personality Test written by seeyoshirun on OkCupid Free Online Dating, home of the 32-Type Dating Test

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Date:2006-08-01 17:04

How to make a Todd

1 part pride

1 part crazyiness

3 parts beauty
Add to a cocktail shaker and mix vigorously. Add a little cocktail umbrella and a dash of fitness

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Date:2006-07-07 17:44

Terror Alert Level

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Date:2006-07-01 09:54

My birthday today

18 18 18 18 18 18 18 18 18 18 18


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Date:2006-06-27 20:46

This is silly i know but boredom does strange things and when i saw i, it made me laugh.

W0ULD Y0U...
[] kiss me?
[] masturbate in front of me?
[] have phone sex with me?
[] let me kiss you?
[] let me masturbated in front of you?
[] give me oral sex?
[] let me go down on you?
[] make love to me?
[] re-post this for me to answer your questions?
[] take a picture of your cock/pussy for me?

D0 Y0U...
[] think im good looking/attractive?
[] want to kiss me?
[] want to fuck me?
[] want to blow me?
[] want to meet me?
[] want to fool around with me?
[] think of me sexually?
[] want to see revealing pictures of me?

[] friends?
[] in a relationship?
[] gonna have kids?
[] Livejournal friends?

AM i...
[] sexy?
[] cute?
[] funny?
[] cool?
[] interesting to talk to?

[] wanted to meet me?
[] thought there might be an "us"?
[] thought about hookin up with me?
[] found yourself wanting to kiss me?
[] wished i were there?

ARE Y0U...
[] happy you know me?
[] mad at me?
[] thinkin bout me?
[] offended by this post

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Date:2006-05-11 18:50

Interview thingy

The Rules:
01. Leave me a comment saying, "Interview me."
02. I will respond by asking you five questions of a very intimate and personal nature.
03. You will update your LJ (or appropriate blog) with the answers to the questions.
04. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the post.
05. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.

Questions from Em:

1. What is the best memory you have from your childhood?

My Under 15's soccer final. I scored a fluke 25m goal that even the Brazilian's would have been proud of.

2. What is your favourite line from a movie?

"Yeeeaaahhh baby" Austin Powers

3. If I said Dr. Joel Fleischman would you kno what i was talking about?

He was some tv medical doctor i think. Another one of your hunky tv doctors proboably.

4. If you could only wear one colour, eat one type of food and play one song for the rest of your life what would they be?

Wear white cause its heavenly, eat sweet and sour chicken cause its cause you get the best of both worlds, play Change of Clothes, by Jay-Z, gotta love that beat

5. When do you think you will be 'grown up'?

I will be older, hopefully richer and with alot of luck i will have the world's best woman by my side.

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Date:2006-05-10 18:24
Mood: stressed

Who is your type?

Your type is the Glamourina

Looking for a girl you can spoil? Buy a fab new suit and go for the Glamourina — she'll appreciate every chivalrous gesture and expensive bling you shower upon her. She adores gourmet dinners and prefers to have a first-class lifestyle. Okay, so perhaps she can be high-maintenance at times, but just being around her will make you feel like the world revolves around you. Witty and sophisticated, she always lights up a room. Count on her to know the hottest spots to eat, drink, and be merry - and of course, you'll never have to wait in a queue to get in. She's knows "everyone". Her refined manner, polished appearance, and classy style keep you coming back for more. Your princess will be the envy of all your mates. With her on your arm, you'll see Prince Charming grinning back at you every time you look in the mirror.

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Date:2006-05-01 10:11

People Envy Your Ingenuity

You're a person with unique ideas, big plans, and a zany outlook on life. Many people look to you for inspiration.
People envy your creativity and "who cares?" attitude. They feel very ordinary next to you - and they usually are!

Your Stripper Song Is

I'm a Slave 4 U by Britney Spears

"I'm a slave for you. I cannot hold it; I cannot control it.
I'm a slave for you. I won't deny it; I'm not trying to hide it."

You may seem shy, but you can let your wild side out when you want to!

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Date:2006-04-30 20:34
Mood: confused

With all of today's entries below you can tell im bored...Exams in 2 days and i should be studying but i've had enough of it...i need a break...em doesn't want to spend time with me, she says she needs to study...i want to spend time together :( but is she genuinely studying or is she trying to get away from me?...have i been too dominating lately?...i hope not...im sorry em if have been overpowering lately, i still like you thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiisss much xxx

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Date:2006-04-30 20:31

my pet!

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Date:2006-04-30 16:24

I am 25% Asshole/Bitch.
Part Time Asshole/Bitch.
I may think I am an asshole or a bitch, but the truth is I am a good person at heart. Yeah sure, I can have a mean streak in me, but most of the people I meet like me.

Your Brain's Pattern

Structured and organized, you have a knack for thinking clearly.
You are very logical - and you don't let your thoughts get polluted with emotions.
And while your thoughts are pretty serious, they're anything from boring.
It's minds like yours that have built the great cities of the world!

You Should Drive a Ford Shelby Mustang Cobra

You have an extreme need for speed, even when you're not in a hurry.
And while your flying by, you don't want to look like every other car on the road!

Your Lucky Underwear Is Red

You're confident and bold, and your lucky red underwear will only make you more sure of yourself.
You have a great zest for life, and you tend to take on impossible goals - and succeed.

When it comes to love, it's hard for you to take the time to open up. You're too busy conquering the world.
So if you're looking for a little more romance, put on your red underpants. And see where their passion takes you!


Name / Username:

Name Acronym Generator
From Go-Quiz.com

Your Love Element Is Water

In love, you connect deeply and commit totally.
For you, love is all about taking risks and moving into unknown territory.

You attract others with courage and confidence.
Your flirting style is defined by your flexibility and ability to adapt.

Nurturing and shared learning are the cornerstones of your love life.
And while you may jump in to love too quickly, you always come out the wiser for it.

You connect best with: Metal

Avoid: Earth

You And another Water element: will pull each other down into a dark place

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